Terms of use - Hightechrobo Bin

Terms of use

1. Be cool, kind, and civil.

2. Do not spam.
Avoid excessive pastes, images, emojis.

3. No self-promotion or advertisements.
This includes unsolicited references and links to other social media, servers, communities, and services.

5. No personal information.
Protect your privacy and the privacy of others.

6. No harassment, abuse, or bullying.
We have zero-tolerance for harming others.

7. No racist or otherwise offensive content.
We have zero-tolerance for hate speech.

8. No piracy, sexual, NSFW, or otherwise suspicious content.
We do not condone illegal or suspicious discussions and activity.

9.Do not leak any account or Info.

Remember, these are only applied to public pastes, we won't moderate unlisted pastes (unless you put the link of an unlisted paste public) or password protected pastes and private pastes


still if you have any questions or any suggestions or any requests, please contact us with our email [email protected]